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Here are some articles, thoughts, and resources. Hopefully, it will help you understand a little bit about the state of affairs of this winding down world run by a small clique of slave masters.

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Illuminati: What Do They Know? - Are there some people in governments, banking, international organizations and bodies, who are privy to some knowledge beyond what they can know by reading official reports? Don't you get the feeling that, sometimes, there's much more to the stories you read in your paper, or see on TV? Well, there may be a good reason for it...
[By: R-Kiver] 
Sep 2004

China: Crackdown on a Million-member House Church - Report from The Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China - describing police and security using torture, intimidation and kidnapping. One church member is reported beaten to death, one missing, and dozens of church workers arrested. People who dare to inquire about their relatives are arrested.
[C.I.P.R.C. Report] 
May 2004

Chemtrails Over L.A. - Strange behavior of the jets, flying back and forth, turning their spraying nozzles on and off. One has to wonder what is it that they are trying to accomplish...
[By: R-Kiver] 
May 2004

Meeting In The Village - Our associate meets with a Christian couple in a remote village, in the province southwest of Beijing. The husband spent one year in Chinese laojiao labor camp (the, so called, "re-education by labor" system). What was his offence? He was a Christian.
[Edited by: R-Kiver] 
Nov 2003

China: Cameras Everywhere - How different (or same) is the totalitarian system in China from the ones in the Western world?
[Edited by: R-Kiver] 
Sep 2003

House vs. State Church in China - Answering the returning question about the "showcase" churches in major cities, as opposed to the unregistered house/underground churches in China.
[By: R-Kiver] 
Aug 2003

THE FREEZER TRACK HOAX - How many bodies were really found and who were they?
[by Jared Israel of Emperor's Clothes. posted: September 19, 2002] 
[There has been an update to the original document this year. See the article for more information: Aug. 2003] 
Sept 2002

WHAT IS MY OFFENCE? Interview with Slobodan Milosevic Part 1 Part 2  - Jared Israel & Nico Varkevisser tell the other side of the story . Do you want some lies and propaganda? Go to CNN ("Communist News Network"), etc...
[by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser of Emperor's Clothes. posted: August 15, 2002]
Aug 2002

MILOSEVIC "TRIAL" BLOWS UP IN HAGUE PROSECUTOR'S FACE! - Phoney UN ICT exposed for what it really is...
[by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser of Emperor's Clothes. posted: July 27, 2002]
Jul 2002

The 'Prisoners of Power' - Are we entering a 'hi-tech' police state?
[by R-Kiver 2002]
Apr 2002

Not Without Witness (Genesis - Chinese style) - is an article dealing with traces of the biblical account of creation found in Chinese characters. Looking at the Chinese word-character for "tempter".
Nov 2001

Thoughts on Democracy Excerpt from the monthly newsletter from
[By Dr. Stanley Monteith of Radio Liberty]
May 2001

Evolution Anybody? A few thoughts on how even basic facts can be distorted, contorted, and forgotten by the adherants of this doctrine.
[by R-Kiver 1999]

Life on Mars? In the mid-90's we experienced a deluge of "provocative" articles stating that scientists believe there is or was life on Mars.
[by R-Kiver 1997]


==  Resources & Ongoing Projects  == Resource Database - Plain full list (may take longer to load) Resource Database - Interface with selection options
A list of titles of publications, documentaries, tv news clips, movies, books, documents, etc. as related to the New World Order, globalization, and more... This is the type of resource you may find useful, if you have ever ran across a bit of information about a video clip of the news, or something that was aired on tv, a book, etc. and wondered if it really exists. This is a ever-growing database so check back periodically. We hope you will find this resource useful in your research.

[compiled by - this is an ongoing project] 
Added: Sep 2005
Last mod. Dec 2005

Miscellaneous Quotations - as related to the New World Order, the new world religion and spirituality, genocidal agendas of governments and organisations, education, and more...
[compiled by R-Kiver - this is an ongoing project] 
2002 - 2005

The Media Monopoly Web - This chart will show you in a clear way who owns/controls information in Amerika. Can you trust the media that have just four owners? Do you think that there may be a slight possibility of conflict of interest in this scheme of things? I don't know... 
[Chart by R-Kive. Based on research done in 1996] 
Mar 2003

THE RADIO LIBERTY Programs - This is a database of most of the programs that were emmited by Radio Liberty in past few years. We want to encourage you to search this database. Dr. Stanley Monteith and his guests provide a wealth of useful information and reference on a wide variety of subjects. You can order archived shows directly from Radio Liberty.
[ has put together this list of shows FYI]
Nov 2002

This and That Things that couldn't find their own home yet... Sort of a "blog", links and such...
[Compilation and thoughts by R-Kiver 2001-2003]


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