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This short text doesn't have the ambition to go in great detail into the in's and out's of the forces that control governments, global economy, and such. Rather, it's just an intro into these issues, set in a plot of a card game that bears an uncanny resemblence to some events we witnessed in past 10-15 years.

Terrorist NukeIn 1996, Steven Jackson created a board game called simply, "Illuminati".[1,2,4] Actually, he created earlier versions of the game in the 80's. You play the game using a set of cards depicting terrorist attacks, epidemics, artificially-created diseases, population reduction, and such. The object of the game is to mobilize your resources to create wars, revolts, terrorist attacks, influence the public and overthrow governments, etc. It's uncanny to take a look at some of the cards from the perspective of the past few years...

The ones denoted as "Terrorist Nuke" and "Pentagon" look almost exactly like what we witnessed on our TV screens on September 11, 2001. The people from the "other side", the Illuminati (the "enlightened ones") have this little obsession with numbers, numerology, occultic symbols and - being all puffed-up in their "superiority" to you and I - love a lot to brag about their doings.[3] In all their intelligence and cunning, they are pretty much like cats or dogs, marking their territory by peeing on lamp posts, trees and fences, or like youngsters leaving graffiti on the buildings ("I was here --Zeeke"). 

In our reality, it translates into George Bush Sr giving a speech, talking about the New World Order, on September 11, 1991 (exactly 10 years before 9/11), and then Gary Heart, a Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] member, stating in front of rolling cameras, just a few days after the 9/11 attack, that "President could use this disaster to create the New World Order", and writing books, years in advance, describing the events we witness today unfolding before our eyes; e.g. "The Final Jihad", a 1996 book, written in 1991 by Martin Keating (Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating's brother), where he describes not only the Oklahoma City Bombing in great detail, but also other events and scenarios that took place after publishing of the book. You can dig up tons of references documenting the Illuminati bragging about what was to happen, what was planned for the future, and also using esotheric terms to admit (boast before each other, or anybody that can understand the language) to the things that were just played out, performed by their agents, the "useful idiots"*.

Future events, described in the past, happening around us today? That brings us to the unprecedented hurricanes affecting millions of lifes in Haiti and Florida, and another card in the Illuminati Card Game - yes, it's called, "Hurricane". Sounds like too far-fetched? There are scores of articles in technical and pop-science magazines describing technologies of weather modification. There are also companies claiming to be able to do just that.[6] And there is this little thing called HAARP, said to be able to modify weather patterns on global scale.[7] This is just to signal these issues; I'm not intending on discussing these here. (You may want to explore the latest set of texts by the [8] for more on the weather-mod and why would someone want to use it in this context.). 

If we take each of the cards separately - out of the context of the other cards - it would probably not mean much to anybody. Put them all together, and you will have a more composite picture of the "game". Are we being played like pawns on a chessboard? Maybe more like in "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives", a 1997 book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former presidential advisor, and a CFR member.

Guess, what some of the other cards are called. How about "Rewriting History", "Population Reduction", "Center for Disease Control" (CDC), "Epidemic", etc. There is also another game by S. Jackson, called "Illuminati Brainwash" (now, that you've already conquered the world, play with the pliable minds of billions of the world's population!).[5]

I'm using the Illuminati Card Game more as an illustration, than anything else. It could be that Steven Jackson is simply a keen observer of the geopolitical trends and global events, building the plot for his games upon his knowledge of recent and not-so-recent history.


* "Useful idiots" is a term used by Vladimir I. Lenin, refering to the file-and-rank, brainwashed communists, happily doing the bidding of their "Führer" Lenin.

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