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Places of Interest
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Christian Monitor - site dealing with human rights and Christian persecution. Started in mid-2002 and looks like a great ministry bringing you information on what's going on in this under/un-reported area.
* must see site * Dr. Lorraine Day - do you want to remember your name? Drink lots of clean water... Nutrition, cancer prevention. Well worth of looking up.
* must see site * Emperor's New Clothes - exposing lies about the whole "Balkan War," the "ethnic cleansing," and the"genocide" that supposedly took place in that region. These people have done their home work. Does all your knowledge about the Balkan War come from the mainline media? They offer a video tape that exposes part of the manipulation of information that was used to brainwash us with the so-called "concentration camps" and other "evidence". Check out for yourself this and other materials.
* must see site * - You will enjoy their materials on creation. You are not "buying" creation? That's fine, check it out to find out how "foolish" it is...
* must see site * Frontline Fellowship - persecuted Christians in Sudan and other African countries. Their US-side, sistery organization, ITMI (In Touch Mission International).
* must see site * Hope For The World - Gary Kah's site dealing with information on the New World Order, New Age, UN, and other organizations and movements dedicated to the bringing on the one-world spirituality, one-world government, and, eventually, one-world tyranny.
Icons Of Evolution - Author, Jonathan Wells, exposes fraud in the school books.
* must see site * - Alex Jones' Info Wars website. Archives of news the the spoonfeeders forgot to mention. Excellent source of information and commentary. Fighting the NWO - neither "left" nor "right".
Kids4Truth - Neat Flash presentations by kids: "Creation" and "One"; there may be more at the time you see this.
* must see site * Kjos Ministries - Great site for information for parents, educators and anybody interested and/or concerned about current developments at the UN and elswhere. Find out what hidden agendas lurk under weasel speach of the globalists / socialists / marxists who have been brewing our future for a little while now...
* must see site * Koinonia House Interactive - Chuck Missler's K-House. Also featuring audio and video on-demand archives and weekly programming. Chuck Missler's "66/40",  fascinating Bible commentaries and more.
* must see site * Radio Liberty - Dr. Stanley Monteith will try to convince you that "The reality is usually scoffed at, and illusion is king."  Listen to their current programs on the air or on the Web (info provided on their site).
* - For those who have some interest in science, astrophysics, et al., here is something interesting. Essays, short studies and scientific publications of an Australian scientist, Barry Setterfield. Are all physical "constants" constant? Is the Universe really what the pop science is trying to convince us of?

Other sites of interest and sponsors
* - Truss business, San Diego County, CA.
* - Construction contractor serving San Diego County.
* - Physiotherapy in Vienna, Austria.

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