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Below is a very short excerpt from the book "The Discovery of Genesis" by C. H. Kang.
I find it interesting and fascinating that we find traces of the biblical account all around us.
That is why I wanted to share this piece of information with you.


When the Chinese, very early in their history as a separate people, found a need to communicate with a written language, a system of word-pictures was invented in keeping with the characteristic calligraphy of the ancient world. True to all primitive written languages, these so-called pictographs were satisfactory for representing objects buy carried limitations in expressing abstract concepts. The early graphic symbols, therefore, were combined in meaningful ways to convey ideas, called ideograms, and these "picture stories" of necessity had to contain common knowledge in order to be understood. It would have been only natural to use as a basis for some of the ideograms the history of the ancient beginnings of humanity with which all were familiar by oral tradition. Consequently, the written Chinese language is composed of characters uniquely adapted to the possibility of containing the stories of Genesis.


man, son


c_garden.gif (1036 bytes)
garden, field

We might illustrate at this point just what an ideogram is and how a concept such as the word "tempter," for example, could be translated into an expressive written character by graphically depicting the story of Eve's encounter with the devil in the Garden of Eden. In this first historic moment of temptation the devil must of course be pictured. Three primitive pictographs were selected to accomplish this: a garden, field or landed property s_garden.gif (181 bytes) represents the Garden of Eden; a man, son s_man.gif (157 bytes) shows the humanoid aspect of the devil, who spoke as a man to Eve, even though through the medium of a serpent; and the word secret, private s_secret.gif (140 bytes) conveys his clandestine approach to Eve. These three symbols, together with the "p'ieh" s_pieh.gif (120 bytes)  indicating "alive," are combined in the devil .

c_tree.gif (960 bytes)

secret, private

But to be more specific, the devil radical is then placed under the cover of protecting trees . The devil waited for Eve in the forbidden tree, which was located in the middle of the garden next to the tree of life--hence the two trees . Furthermore, he was under cover , being hidden in the tree and also camouflaged as a serpent. By uniting these primitive pictographs into an ideographic character, the word tempter s_temptr.gif (169 bytes) appears to have been designed. Or were these six significant constituent symbols brought together by mere chance?



[The above text is presented here with no permission]


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