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Movie Review

Compilation,, ongoing project / Language: English

Many, if not most people regard movies as entertainment, beautiful or grotesque pictures, fantasy, etc. Do movies affect our thinking, our perception of reality? If yes, then, how and how strongly? Regardless of how strongly they affect our minds, we can all agree that they do have at least some effect on our thinking and how we see the surrounding us world. Now, if you were someone who would be in position to and would want to use that property to access the minds of millions of human beings around the world, would there be anything compelling enough to stop you from doing so?

You will notice that in some movies there is a certain characterization or stereotypical portrayal of people belonging to certain "minorities", groups, professions or casts of the society. Please, do not be mislead by statements like, "Based on a true story" or "Based on true events". In many cases, the script is so far removed from the reality that it becomes diametrically opposed to the events it is supposed to be based on (e.g. "Inherit the Wind"). Relating it to "real events" is just an excuse for reinforcing the depth of effect it's supposed to have on us.

Many of these movies have a great entertaining value. However, beware of the often used knee-jerk techniques. Still recommended for watching for their educational value (educational as in documenting how certain methodologies are used for indoctrination and mind control). They are often of a futuristic dystopia, grotesque or a caricature style. Some of the movies are pretty accurate at their observations and clues from history. We will find many pointers to the current sociological, technological, economical or monetary trends.

Lets take a look at some aspects of some of the movies out there that perhaps some of you have missed.

Hall of Shame, Hall of Fame

The movies listed below are not categorized or ordered in any particular way.


(Sci-Fi, Drama)

The main character becomes a prophetess of a god-science religion. A crowd of people in (UN) blue and (NATO?) orange/red hats, pelerines, scarfs, coats and sweaters greet her emerging from her trial, tryumphant. A plot to destroy the evil wormhole machine is executed by a terrorist who happens to be a charismatic Christian preacher (and we know very well that "christian terrorists" blow themselves up every day so we are dealing with a very "believable" scenario).

Demolition Man

(Sci-Fi, Action)

Name of one of the main characters, Lenina Huxley, is an obvious play on the Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (one the book's main characters, Lenina - after Lenin - combined with Huxley's last name). The phrase "Brave New World" is even used in one of the dialogues in the movie.

The movie's backdrop resembles the tightly controlled high tech society of the book, with its sex without procreation - procreation without sex theme. In one dialogue, Lenina mentions in passing that she learned a great deal about the past from the Schwartzenegger Presidential Library.

Deja Vu

(2006, Sci-Fi, Action)

A coward "patriot" is planning killing of hundreds of innocent people in order to "water the tree of liberty" (with their blood, mind you, not his). He is this "God-fearing" and "patriotic" individual who portrays a "typical" terrorist.

Everything is twisted and stands on its head. The tree of liberty is said - if you read the original wording (not from the movie dialogue) - to be watered by the blood of tyrants and patriots... Small point, but it's good to keep things in proper perspective.

Lone Gunmen, Pilot Episode

(2001, TV series, Action, Mystery)

A team of three geeks/hackers with their heads full of conspiracy theories uncovers a plot to blow up the twin towers in Mannhattan, NY by groups within the US Government. In their struggle, they manage to unlock the navigational system of the plane heading for the World Trade Center from the remote connection that put it on its deadly trajectory.

Does this plot sound somewhat familiar? This pilot episode was aired a few months before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Can someone say, predictive programming? It could be seen also as leaving a card at the crime scene (as some criminals do) - in this case, in advance.

They Live

(1986, Sci-Fi)

This excellent classic shows a process of uncloaking of reality around the main character after he finds a box of unusual sunglasses. When he puts the shades on, they reveal to him some of the "humans" around him to be alien creatures. Also, advertisments on buildings and in the newspapers and magazines have the same messages, "OBEY", "PROCREATE", etc.

The fact that the plot of the movie is somewhat naive doesn't depreciate the overall picture.

Dr Strangelove

(Fiction, Cold War, Comedy)

Mentally-deranged General drinks only Whiskey, claiming that he wants to avoid drinking fluoridated water. That is supposed to shift any notion of fluoride toxicity into the area of paranoid minds and ridicule anybody who would raise questions about adding fluoride to our drinking water.

Inhabited Island [Obitayemyi Ostrov]

(2008/2009, Russian Sci-Fi, Action, Dystopia)

Movie based on a novel, Prisoners of Power, penned by two Russian Science Fiction writers; brothers, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky. The book was written in the mid-60s, but published only in the 70s. Authors' contact with western journalists was restricted by the KGB during the Cold War era.

This dystopian movie is highly recommended to all who have any interest in the New World Order. The book is even better at painting the background and various aspects of this mind-controlled society under the tyrannical boot of the "unknown fathers".

Read article from 2002...

The Day After Tomorrow

(Fiction, Catastrophic, Action)

This catastrophic movie (as in a catastrophy of facts, common sense and reason), is ridden with messages proclaiming that human activity caused catastrophic changes in Earth's atmosphere; in one sequence one conference participant notes (correctly) that the Sun is this biggest driving force of our climate, but is confronted with a statement that there were no changes in solar activity. This flies in the face of the facts of science. Sun's output levels change constantly - change being the only thing that's constant thing about our daily star. One of the props in the movie is the scientist's claim that the Earth is going through the scenario of the Ice Age - this time caused by humans. Well, who caused the first one then? But wait, the whole solar system is undergoing the same cycle of rises and falls in temperature. It must be that all those careless Saturnians, Martians and Venusians are burning coal like there's no tomorrow...


(2005, Sci-Fi)

The culmination and one of the main plots of this movie is experimentation on humanity, where an entire populated planet was sprayed with a substance that killed most of its inhbitants. The remaining few percent turned into beastial humanoids, roaming space, descending on planets, killing, raping, mutilating their victims.

One of the prominent aspects of this disregard of the elite for us, the subjects, is in this movie the role of a very young girl who was programmed using various mind control techniques. It seems like the makers of Serenity (and the TV series, Firefly) spent some time researching/studying this subject. One can find some parallels between the mind-controlled character and testimonies (including testimonies before the US Congress), books, articles, interviews with subjects of the real mind control - the likes of Project Monarch and MK-Ultra.

While the outlook on the Alliance, the governing system of the known universe (we could equate them to what we know as the New World Order) is negative, the experimentation and genocide could be seen as a predictive programming that can be found in many movies, books and other media.


(Sci-Fi, Adventure)

The "Smokers" (they literally smoke cigarettes and produce smoke with their machines) are the "bad guys". As one may expect, they believe in Creation (so the viewer quickly associates the bad guys with the concept of creationism). The main character, the mariner, is the "good guy". He is a walking "proof" of evelution; with gills behind his ears; breathing under water and all the good stuff...

Of course, they inhabit a world almost entirely covered with water. This is the curse of the past generations, with our global warming/climate change sins, after we melted the polar caps with our SUV's, smoke stacks, etc.